Our philosophy is visible for all to see in the stained glass window that proclaims “…Adding years to life and life to years…” . Like the trees shown with our name, Orchard Manor has roots that go deep in the community and form a firm foundation upon which to grow.  Like the many branches of the tree, each of our residents is a unique individual needing loving care and a safe haven in which to live life to its fullest.


Orchard Manor combines the best of two worlds a clean, safe facility with caring staff.  This combination provides an environment which allows each of our residents to live life to their fullest potential– physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Thus, our residents are able to live with as much independence as is possible. When it’s time to consider residential care for a loved one, it is important that the move is made with the minimal duress to the individual. 

At Orchard Manor, residents are surrounded by a community that cares about them and cares for them. This gives them a feeling of belonging and safety.